Why You Shouldn’t Want to Be Barbie!

From personal experience as a little girl I remember playing with dolls and one in particular was Barbie. The doll to play with and have was Barbie and if you didn’t have her well you simply just weren’t “cool.” Every little girl wanted to be just as perfect or skinny or tall as her because obviously she was beautiful! Although every real girl wants to be her she is really not the woman you want to be. According to several studies done in recent times experts were able to determine that a real life Barbie would be so disproportional that she would not be able to walk or even function as a normal human being. Some of this information is depicted in the images below.

It is basically impossible for any woman to look like Barbie and a normal human being would not be able to function with her abnormal body proportions.
Is she function-able?


Young girls and women have aspired to be Barbie on so many different occasions that these aspirations often lead to eating disorders and an endless cycle of body dissatisfaction which starts at a very young age with the exposure to Barbie. Some may think she is a completely harmless doll but in reality the unrealistic construction of this doll can lead young girls that they need to look a certain way in order to be called pretty just like Barbie. 


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